Will Magnets Affect the Scale?

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In clinical practice, weight scales mainly record and monitor body weight changes, which are mainly divided into body fat weight scale, electronic digital weighing scale and mechanical weighing scale. Nowadays, the current scales are more intelligent and diversified. It is best for modern people to have a weight scale machine in each family, because it is a very important item to ensure the health of the whole family.


The function of the weight scale is to accurately weigh the human body. And through the daily weight change, it reflects the weight control situation of a certain period of time.


Magnets have a relatively small impact on the electrical components of the electronic scale but have a relatively large impact on the electronic mechanical bathroom scale.


Taking into account the influence of gravitational acceleration and air buoyancy at different locations on the conversion, the performance indicators of the load cell mainly include linearity error, hysteresis error, repeatability error, creep, zero temperature characteristics and sensitivity temperature characteristics. In various weighing instruments and quality measurement systems, the integrated error is usually used to bring the accuracy of the integrated control sensor, and the integrated error band is linked with the error band of the weighing instrument in order to select the weighing sensor corresponding to a certain accuracy of the weighing instrument.



Precision Laboratory Scale and Electromagnetic Interference

Almost all load cells used in analytical balances and microbalances in laboratories use magnetic motors as their main elements. The magnetic motor uses very strong permanent magnets. The magnet requires a soft ferromagnetic circuit to maintain its magnetic strength, and contains a magnetic field to generate a high-intensity field near the force coil. The force coil is used to generate restoring force to balance the unknown weight. Measure the current in the force coil to determine the value of the unknown weight. Any factor that affects the strength of the magnetic field will change the measured weight.


Precision Laboratory Scale and Electromagnetic Interference

Any magnetic field that interacts or changes with the magnetic field in the load cell will affect the measurement result. The housing and base of the accurate weighing machine are usually made of non-magnetic materials. No magnetic shielding means that any strong external magnetic field in the area may interfere with the measurement. Therefore, users should take this issue into consideration, especially when there are unexplainable results. The balance weight scale should not be placed near any source of strong magnetic field that is not included in the device that generates the strong magnetic field.


When weighing parts containing soft iron, the error caused by the magnetic field of the force motor is much smaller. If the air gap of the thrust motor is small and the magnetic circuit is not easy to lose, the error of the mechanical weighing machine can be ignored.


The errors caused by magnetic interaction are small and difficult to repeat. It is important to realize that these problems may exist. You try to avoid these problems of electronic digital weight machine by understanding the characteristics of weighing.


Therefore, weighing scale with body fat analyzer is more popular than weight scale. This kind of scale will allow you to get relatively objective data.

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