Will Temperature Affect the Accuracy of the Scale?

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When baking or cooking in the kitchen, the accuracy of the electronic food scale is the key. Whether you are using a digital kitchen weighing scale or a mechanical weighing scale, they need to be properly maintained in order to provide you with accurate measurement results.


Almost all scales use mechanical components, and these components have varying degrees of failure. The digital kitchen scale also uses electronic components including displays and analog-to-digital converters to display measurement results.


In fact, understanding the performance of the scales like kitchen weighing scale and signs of scale damage is very important for you to know whether you need to use the scale's warranty for repair or whether you need to replace it.



Signs of Scale Damage

The Scale Reading Is not Clear

If you have difficulty reading the numbers displayed on the scale, then there is no doubt that you will not be able to obtain an accurate weight. If you cannot see the numbers correctly on the display, it may indicate a problem with the electronic components of the electronic weighing scale.


Burning or blurring of parts of the display may tell you that you need to replace the display.


The digital scale may be damaged by moisture. If the display of the digital bathroom scale becomes dark, the battery may also need to be replaced.


Inconsistent Readings

A distinguishing feature of a damaged scale is a major change in its degree. If your smart weight scale and accurate weight scale start to show different readings, it may indicate that it is not working properly.


Once this happens, it is recommended that you can test by confirming that the indicator is set to zero and weighing the exact weight multiple times. If the readings are different, you may need to recalibrate or replace the scale. Digital scales also have a calibration mechanism to be reset.



Drift Reading

The slow increase or "drift" of the reading also implies that the electric weight machine may be damaged. In addition, there are other factors that can affect this situation, such as digital displays or mechanical indicators, other mechanical components, and electrostatic discharge.



Corrosion Damage

Rust or other corrosive damage problems are more common on mechanical parts found in scales. It is usually caused by moisture or exposure to certain chemicals, which can degrade the components of the scale. Smaller rust can be removed. But in other cases, parts need to be replaced, or you may need a new scale.



The scale Can not Turn on

This is one of the most obvious signs of damage to the scale. The most obvious problem can of course be solved in the simplest way. You can directly replace it with a new battery to test. If the battery itself is relatively new, then you may need to wipe and clean the battery connector. Dont forget to reset the power button at the same time.



Although various external environments may have different accuracy effects on the scale. But if you carefully compare the scale products provided by different merchants, you will find that choosing a big brand or a patent-certified scale can often avoid many of the above problems. We are such a manufacturer, and you are welcome to consult any questions about the product.

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