Will the Scale Lie?

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Nowadays, people often encounter the problem of lack of weight when buying vegetables, fruits, nuts and other daily necessities. It looks normal when weighing in the market, but when we use the digital weighing machine at home, we may find that the weight was missing. So how do these stores cheat the food weighing scale? In this article we will introduce the principle of cheating.


Cheating with Chips

At present, the common method of cheating on portable electronic scale is to use electronic chips. As long as the cheat chip is loaded into the scale, the original program will be changed. After the cheating chip is installed, the desired weight can be obtained after setting the buttons on the digital measuring scale panel. For example, set M1 to add 0.1 kg, M2 to add 0.2 kg, and M3 to add 0.3 kg. When weighing things, the original 1 kg can be changed to 1.1 kg by pressing the M1 button and it can be changed to 1.2 kg by pressing the M2 button. Merchants only need to remember the password during this process, which is simple to operate and concealed by consumers. If the merchants want the scale to return to normal, they only need to press the pre-set recovery button or restart the electronic scale after power off.



Cheating Methods Are Diverse and Hidden

In addition to cheating by installing chips, some illegal vendors also cheat by the following methods.


1. Weighing with a Pan

Some vendors deliberately place the weighing pan on the precision digital scales, and wait for the customer. After pressing the unit price number, they place the weighing pan with the goods on the electronic digital scale. As a result, the weight of the pan will be calculated on the purchased items.


2. Raise a Corner

Some vendors deliberately put the table at an angle or used coins or paper cups to raise a corner of the portable digital weighing scale, causing a shortfall.


3. Remote Control Cheating

Install the remote-control receiver in the smart weigh digital scale. Vendors use the remote-control transmitter to change the measurement when weighing in order to achieve cheating.



There are many kinds of cheating methods for electronic scale. Some previous cheating methods have low technical content and are easy to be found, so less and less vendors will use them. And now the common electronic digital weighing scales with cheating chips are no different from ordinary electronic scales in appearance, and the accuracy can be changed at will, so it is more difficult to find. Moreover, the actual weight can be increased or decreased by simple operation. When a vendor sees a law enforcement officer conducting an on-site inspection, he will immediately operate the scale to restore the scale to a normal state. After the law enforcement officers left, the vendors were immediately transferred back to cheating status. In such cases, cheating is fast and it is difficult for law enforcement officers to catch current situations.



How to prevent unscrupulous vendors from using smart digital scale to deceive people? At present, there are mainly two effective methods. First,  unified electronic scales can be distributed in the market. In addition, the accuracy of the electronic scales used by vendors should be regularly checked. An effective management system is a powerful weapon to prevent electronic scale fraud.

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